Discovered have been around for over a decade, and in that time they have played at over 300 weddings across the UK. Our wide selection of songs, professionalism and friendly attitude will assure you of a great night of music and entertainment to remember!

Wedding entertainment is a vital ingredient to all weddings, and hiring the right act can be a daunting task. A lot of couples wonder if booking a mobile DJ would be the best choice. The vast libraries of media available on modern technology, almost guaranteeing any song can be requested and played. The majority of our clients, however, choose to book Discovered. This is because you can’t beat the experience, energy & emotion of a live performance in comparison to a recording.

A band supplies a greater dynamic to an event, and often a crowd feels the rhythm of the drums, the groove of the bass, the vibes of the guitar and the smoothness of the vocals much more than songs that can be played off a phone. Discovered are very creative with songs with such a small lineup, to ensure we can play so many songs, and learn any requests that clients would love to hear on the night.

All band members sing, and provide a greater depth with harmonies for all songs. Occasionally, our guitarist & bassist will sing lead on songs, providing a wide range of vocal abilities across the catalogue of songs we perform.

Our musicians use a range of instruments & technology to perform songs. Lisa plays synth on songs (particularly those from the 90’s dance scene), our drummer uses electronic drums alongside his acousttc drum kit (providing songs from the 80’s) & our bassist creates a timbre of different instruments such as secondary guitars with his rig (great for the big rock songs!)

Discovered provide a full range PA & lighting show as part of all quotes. All our equipment has regular PAT checks & the band have Public Libabiltiy cover of over £10 million for all events.

 So what do you play?

We play anything such as oldies from the 50’s, to the most modern songs currently in the charts! We update our song list on a regular basis to ensure fresh tunes for everyone to dance to! Our song selection can be found here.

 How long do you play for?

Our usual performance time is 2 x 1 hour sets of music. We can arrange to play more music for your wedding, but can also provide background music between sets (meaning you won’t need to hire a DJ!). For further information on performance times, you may discuss this when booking Discovered.

 Can you learn our first dance?

We sure can! We take pride in learning these special songs for weddings. Check out the videos below, demonstrating some of the first dances that we have performed over the years!

What requirements do Discovered ask for to ensure an amazing performance?

Our main requests are plenty of space to perform in, plenty of plug sockets to supply power and performances not to be hindered by sound limiters! Regardless, we can make all events work, and can discuss the details when arranging a quote. More details about our technical spec can be found here.

For more details & to discuss booking Discovered, please visit our contact page here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Discovered are a professional functions band, available for weddings, parties, corporate and much more!