We don’t make unreasonable demands, as we are reasonable people.  The following are just a few things we need to enable us to carry out our obligations to you and to enhance the performance we give.


  • A room to change and “chill” in.  We don’t get changed in toilets!  This is especially important if there is a long delay between setting up and performing.


  • Some food and liquid refreshment during the evening.


  • A reasonable sized stage area (Ideally a min. of 3m x 5m).


  • A stable supply of mains electricity from a min. of 2 x 13 amp sockets.  If the event is using a generator then we will need assurances that the supply will not be cut off unexpectedly as this is likely to damage our equipment.


  • Loading and Unloading facilities close to the performance area and access to any lift/elevator that may be present.


  • We need a min. of 90 mins to set up and check the equipment and then sound check.


  • If this is a formal occasion we will also need 30 mins to change and prepare.


  • An undertaking that once the stage area has been set up, there will be no unauthorised access to it or interference with any instruments or equipment.


  • A supply of water for each member of the band during performance.


  • Unobstructed access to an exit so that the band may “break down” and “load out” after the performance is concluded.


  • No smoke machines.


  • No sound limiters.


  • Refund or payment of any parking charges, congestion charges or other unforeseen fees relating to vehicles.
Discovered are a professional functions band, available for weddings, parties, corporate and much more!